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Center Moriches, NY

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Discover a great source for preventative and wellness care with regular visits to a chiropractor. Chiropractic care is a non-invasive method of ensuring that your body is performing to it's fullest potential. The human body responds more predictably to chiropractic treatments than to drug or surgical treatments due to chiropractic's non-invasive nature, making chiropractic care a safe and effective alternative to traditional medicine.  One of the many techniques utilized is the Graston technique.

Keep Your Body In Alignment And Relieve Pain

Whitaker Chiropractic and Acupuncture Center has been providing Center Moriches, NY and the Suffolk County area with quality chiropractic care since 1986.

- Neck and back pain

- Shoulder or elbow pain

- Headaches

- Sciatica

- Improper nervous system function

- Car accidents and sport injuries

- Hereditary problems

- Joint and extremity pain

Relieve A Variety Of Pains:

Put your body in good hands and treat yourself to comprehensive pain relief and wellness care with services from Whitaker Chiropractic and Wellness. Learn more about our acupuncture, nutrition, and allergy elimination services, then contact us to schedule an appointment that accommodates your schedule.

Whitaker Chiropractic Center Offers More Than Just Chiropractic Care

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